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About Us

Quality Process Links Ltd (QPL) is a leading supplier of high quality process equipment and components that meet the stringent requirements of the Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food and Beverage industries with particular emphasis on high purity applications within the pharmaceutical sector and in the semiconductor and cosmetic sectors in Ireland.

Best of Breed

The leading process manufacturers that we supply can and do rely 24/7 on the world-renowned, trusted, stainless steel specialist brands and “best of breed” products that we represent. Our specialised product portfolio includes standard or customised pumps, valves (including automation), tank equipment and installation materials; Automation systems and blenders for food, cosmetic, beverage industries; portable mixers, drum mixers, laboratory mixers, honey mixers; stainless steel pumps, valves, cocks and steam and water mixers for mixing, dissolving, size reduction and dispersing; ASME BPE-compliant orbitally welded stainless steel tubes and fittings for pure fluids and gases; Process Observation Equipment; plate heat exchangers, pasteurizing and CIP systems; certified and approved valves for safety and relief applications including clean service and critical services; volumetric centrifugal and self-priming lobe pumps in 316 stainless steel, titanium, hastelloy mono and thermoplastic resins; pneumatic process valves; stainless steel furniture, cleaning equipment (hose reels and accessories, etc.), specialised knives, trays and accessories; rotating tank-cleaning heads; stainless steel handrails; manlids for pressure and non pressure applications.

Service is Guaranteed

QPL offers a complete supply service to our customers. We carry out plant and equipment audits to optimise equipment performance and to help identify and ensure availability of critical items for our client's process. Together with our principals, we offer Technical Support in areas such as material selection and use, and training by way of Technical Seminars.



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