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Packo Pumps

Packo specialises in the production of stainless steel equipment and process pumps with particular emphasis on high purity application within the pharmaceutical sector.


Packo Pumps

Riera Nadeu S.A.

Riera Nadeu S.A. is a world leader in the design and manufacture of Centrifuges, Supercentrifuges, Instantaneous Turbo-Dryers and Turbo Micronizers. Centrifuge diameters range from 200mm up to 2100mm. Dryers as well as the rest of the RINA programme cover pilot plant scale and go up to large scale industrial installations. All equipment is designed and manufactured in Barcelona, Spain in accordance with Riera Nadeu's ISO 9001 approved quality system. All machines are CE marked and can be supplied suitable for use in ATEX environments. The company was founded in 1952 as supplier for Chemical separation and milling technology. Nowadays the main markets are Finechemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Life science & Biotechnology as well as pigments and minerals.


Riera Nadeu S.A.

Keofitt Logo

KeofittŪ is a Danish company established in 1980 and specializing in sterile Membrane Sampling Valves for microbiological sampling of product. The KeofittŪ valve range is in wide use in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology, Brewing and Dairy industries. It meets the 3-A Sanitary Standards, the highest standards for hygienic cleaning and sterilisation. Use of the sampling valve does not interrupt the production process and its design allows the valve to be sterilised in situ.

Keofitt - Browse the widest range within sterile sampling


The Swedish company Roplan manufactures the Steridose range of pharmaceutical products, which includes the respected Sterimixer and Sterivalve product lines. The Sterimixer is the most widely used magnetic mixer for pharmaceutical applications worldwide, and is available in 2 versions, the SMA (Sterimixer Aseptic) for critical applications and the SMO (Sterimixer Open) for less critical applications. The mixers are available for vessel of volumes ranging from 5 to 30000 litres. Sterivalves provide high performance flow control including applications such as Tank Bottom Outlet Valves for critical pharmaceutical and bio -pharmaceutical liquid processes. QPL can provide references from around the globe for Roplan Steridose Pharmaceutical Products.

Alfa Laval Flow specialises in high-quality standard or customised pumps, valves (including automation), tank equipment and installation materials that meet the stringent requirements of sanitary industries. The company is a world leader in the area of flow equipment

CSF Inox specialises in the production of stainless steel pumps, valves, cocks and steam and water mixers for the process industries.


RAMEX s.r.l, whose products are highly regarded as strong, functional, efficient and well-designed, specialises in the production of stainless steel furniture and components for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries. The product range includes: processing and warehousing furniture, cleaning equipment (hose reels and accessories, etc.), specialised knives, trays and accessories for the processing industries.


Visilume are suppliers of Process Observation Equipment for viewing within Vessels, Pipelines and other Plant.

Omac is a specialized producer of volumetric lobe pumps in 316 stainless steel, titanium, hastelloy mono and thermoplastic resins.


Full range of certified and approved valves for safety and relief applications including clean service and critical services.


Very competitive range of manlids for pressure and non pressure applications.



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